Web Design Trends 2022

With the top 2022 graphic design trends out of the way, it becomes easier to notice and predict upcoming trends in other areas of graphic design, including what will happen to websites next year. That’s why today we’re going to unveil the 2022 website design trends that will take over the web with more dynamism, trippy aesthetics and an unforgettable experience where the minimalist trend of 2021 takes a step back. Plus, we’ll include real examples of functional websites for each trend so you can experience it for yourself.

Now, without further ado, let’s enjoy some amazing examples from agencies and freelance graphic designers that never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

1. 3D Illustrations

3D illustrations have become the big trend in UI design in 2021, and they are getting even stronger in 2022. This is especially true for a particular style of 2D/3D that looks like flat 2D graphics transformed into 3D. We can see this becoming a leading trend, especially in applications with fun cartoons that become realistic and attractive with soft colors.

Let’s dive into some amazing websites that fully embrace the 3D illustration trend.

2022 Web Design Trends 3D Ex 01

2. 80s Synthwave Aesthetics

This trend shouldn’t surprise anyone, as it is already omnipresent in music, movies, TV series and is also taking web design by the horns. The 1980s retro-futuristic neon style is known as Synthwave or Outrun and you can easily recognize it thanks to its dak mode, bright neon colors and grids. Its beautiful nighttime city aesthetic brings nostalgic vibes to a beloved decade long gone. At least we can appreciate it in the art and design and in these beautiful real websites.

3. Parallax

Not so long ago, parallax was very popular and invaded the Internet, making scrolling intriguing and attractive. Unfortunately, the trend died out for a while because it was overused, and not in a good way. In its heyday, parallax was an inseparable part of websites, but in many cases it was poorly executed, resulting in poor site usability, slow loading pages, and way too much scrolling.

Well, guess who’s back.

After the quiet, parallax websites are back on track and becoming a trend again, but this time with caution. No more overkill, no more unnecessary design aggravation, no more endless page clutter. The new parallax experience is more subtle and follows the oldest rule in the book: less is more.

4. 2D Cartoon Illustrations

In addition to mixing with 3D, 2D illustrations are following their own path as a trend in cartoon style.

As usual, let’s take advantage of some concrete examples of such websites.

5. Real Objects as Elements

Companies with authentic and memorable packaging are taking the opportunity to showcase it in the best way possible: by integrating it into their website design. Instead of simply including a high-quality photo of the product, these websites are using the product photos as separate elements that they can animate or highlight through the parallax effect. This trend focuses on the product and makes it an integral part of the experience.

Below are some amazing examples of websites that embrace this trend and understand posting differently, all with very creative and interactive solutions where you can interact with the items.

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